The Color Green


Kite uses a lot of green. And green’s a solid color, but there are a lot of solid colors out there. What makes green more deserving that orange, or purple? It’s a valid point. Really, we just saw a site that had a shade of blue on it that we really liked. We wanted to rip it off, but we’re a too stubborn. We take pride in being original, you know? So we took that shade of blue, swapped the blue values in the hex with the green values, and made the exact same color. Except, you know, green. At Kite, Inc., we have a tradition of innovation that stretches back decades.

We also feel that once you have one good color, it’s really a lot of work for one day to come up with another one. Let’s just make the color we already have like, 15% lighter and use that. We’re really working up a sweat over here.

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